Matthieu Mehuys

co-founder –

landscape architect

« As landscape architects, our mission is to offer competent services to create
sustainable and ecological outdoor spaces where people and nature are in harmony »


Matthieu Mehuys

Founder – Paysagiste

Karlien Plessers

Administrative Support

Uğur İmamoğlu

Architectural design


Paulownia is a fast growing and drought resistant tree with an exotic touch that can reach 15 metre of height with a beautiful early spring flower.

When you prune down the tree every year, you can have vigorous shoots that can reach up to 5 metres in one single season as well as exceptional big leaves.

This tree received it’s nickname ‘oxy-tree’ because it has developed one of the most effective photosynthesis systems. It produces a lot of biomass, while storing carbon in the soil and producing oxygen abundantly.

Choosing Paulownia as our company name is a direct reference to the positive impact that we want to have with our projects on one of the biggest challenges of our modern times.



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